Next Generation Screen Printing & Embroidery is the perfect fit for your embroidery project. Embroidery is perfect for polo or golf shirts as well as caps, beanies and jackets. Embroidery can give a more professional appearance than screen printing and can be used in a variety of ways to market your company or organization.

Prices Based On:

  • PRODUCT: What kind of item would you like (material, style, brand)
  • QUANTITY: How many would you like?
  • # OF STITCHES: How many stitches will it take to digitize your embroidered artwork?
  • # OF LOCATIONS: How many places on each item would you like graphics?
  • EXISITING ARTWORK: Do you already have artwork created?

Types of Materials

Lightweight fashion and polyester can sometimes cause problems with embroidery. Extremely heavy or thick items can pose a similar challange. We'll help you determine what will work the best for your project.

Contact Us For More Info

We'll get your existing artwork digitized for embroidery or help you create the artwork you would like embroidered.